~Jeweled Visitors~
Lori McNee

Hummingbird Painting Bird and Flower Chinese Painting

Jeweled Visitors

Available at Kneeland Gallery

This painting was created for the invitation piece for my upcoming gallery show in March at Kneeland Gallery. Orchids and hummingbirds are some of my favorite things. I chose to paint this still life scene as if the birds stopped in for a short respite. My still life art creates enough mystery to allow the viewer’s imagination to wander through the painting.
I like the contrast between the graceful orchid blossoms and  dainty hummingbirds with the rustic antique Chinese flask atop an altar table.
In nature though, hummingbirds do not pollinate the scentless orchids. Nineteenth century artist, Martin Johnson Heade popularized painting hummingbirds and orchids together in tropical environments. So I figure, if Martin can do it – so can I!