~Bohemian Rhapsody~
Lori McNee

Bohemian waxwing bird oil painting

Bohemian Rhapsody

Available at Kneeland Gallery

Every autumn the Bohemian Waxwings migrate through our mountain valley. They move in large flocks and frequent the fruit trees. At times they even become drunken by the fermented berries that still hang from the trees. I enjoy watching these flighty, exotic looking birds as they flock to my cherry trees each year.
The rich mahogany color of the autumn cherry tree have attracted my attention every year. This season,  I finally decided to use the branches in a painting along with some Bohemian Waxwing visitors. All inspired, I cut a few boughs and brought them into my studio. The cuttings didn’t like my warm studio and the leaves rapidly curled up and dropped off the branch. Outside, the first snowfall froze any remaining leaves off the cherry trees! But, I was still committed to the concept of the painting, so I pressed a few sample leaves between some heavy books so I could refer back to them.
I chose to paint the background a deep Veridian Green which compliments the color of the cascading branches. The birds are depicted in typical Bohemian style. All in all, I am happy with the end result.

Thanks for reading about this painting, Lori 🙂

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