~Approaching Shadows~
Lori McNee

Approaching Shadows

Lately, I have been featuring my still life paintings on this blog to the point of neglecting my landscapes! And yes, I am a landscape painter as well…

It is enjoyable for me to have the balance of painting both still life and landscape. I tend to paint more still life during the winter months and naturally, when the weather warms, I venture out into the field for some plein air painting and studio landscape inspiration.
“Approaching Shadows’ was painted a few years ago during late summer. This old ranch is a very iconic Idaho scene which is sadly disappearing from the western landscape.
This little painting depicts the picturesque “Spring of Gladness” ranch in central Idaho. It was the first homestead in the Wood River Valley and now shadows are fast approaching the ranch for developers have bought it and plan to subdivide.
I enjoy driving past this old place and stop every once in a while for a plein air painting or two. “Approaching Shadows” captures the rustic old Americana charm that is all but a memory.