When I’m traveling and on the go I need a painting easel that is sturdy, lightweight, functional, and dependable. That is why I love my STRADA Easel.

I’ve tested most of the popular easels and pochade boxes that are on the market, but this year my trusty STRADA MINI Easel has been traveling with me from coast to coast.

On the Go With Strada Easel
Lori demonstrating at Oil Painters of America National Convention in Bennington, Vermont.

Here’s why I have chosen STRADA Easel:


Whether you pick the full size or mini, STRADA Easels are well built and solid. Made of sturdy aluminum, the STRADA body will withstand rough treatment. Now when I fly, I don’t have concern about my easel being damaged during tough baggage handling.
On the Go With Strada Easel

Note: I suggest buying and extra thumbnut that tightens the panel holder in place. This was not the fault of STRAD, but I backed mine out too far and lost it! You can find a thumbnut at your local hardware store.


At 5’5″ and 115 pounds, I look for an easel that is easy to pack and carry on rugged backcountry trips or while traveling through busy airports.
STRADA offers three backpacks that are perfect for the easels. The large pack was too big for my frame, so I use the middle size Kelty Redwing 40. It has plenty of room for all my art supplies, holds my tripod, and fits either STRADA model.

On the Go With Strada Easel
Lori’s plein air painting on Arches Oil Paper at the Kneeland Gallery Plein Air Event

The STRADA MINI measures 11′”x 7.5″x 1.5″, weighs 2 lbs 9 oz and can hold canvas or board of any size up to a 16″ high with an unlimited canvas width.  The STRADA Easel can accommodate a 1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″ panel thickness

The full-size STRADA measures 15′”x 11″x 1.5″, weighs 4 lbs 3 oz (optional plexiglass palette adds 8oz and brings the total weight of the easel up to 4 lbs 11 oz.) and can hold canvas or board of any size up to a 16″ high with an unlimited canvas width.

Note: To make my traveling even lighter, I bring a pad of Arches Oil Paper. I can cut it to size, and use blue painter’s tape to tack it onto a board. When I return home, I mount the oil paper to a panel and frame. Also, I never leave home without my Cobra Water Mixable Oil Paints.  They are of professional grade pigments, plus they are solvent free and clean up with water! No more turpentine or mineral spirits for me. 

Functional & Dependable

The STRADA Easel design is sleek and ingenious. Created by professional artist, Bryan Mark Taylor, STRADA was designed with his fellow artist in mind. It slides in and out of the backpack
On the Go With Strada Easel
with easy access because it has no protruding parts. Plus, STRADA’s patented self-locking system has streamlined hinges that wont get gummed up by wet paint like many of the other brands.

STRADA is quick and simple to set up. The position control hinges rotate 180 degrees and hold the palette at any angle. For even more efficiency, I added the optional side trays and plexiglass palette.

Whether in the field plein air painting, demonstrating for Royal Talens at the Plein Air Convention, or demonstrating at Oil Painters of America, I can depend on my STRADA Easel to help me look my best! It’s no wonder why so many professional artists are painting with STRADA Easels at art events these days…

On the Go With Strada Easel
Master watercolor artist, James Asher and Master oil painter, Joe Anna Arnett loving their STRADA Easels at our Kneeland Gallery Plein Air Event

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