full moon cows

This painting hack is my secret weapon for painting dark details in oil!

When oil painting have you ever found it difficult to paint the dark details? Personally, I find it tough to keep the colors clean. The darker oil pigments tend to bleed and mix into the lighter colors which can cause a muddy mess! Of course, waiting until the painting dries before adding the darker details helps. However, this can be time consuming.

Recently, I discovered a simple and quick way for painting in those dark details. My secret weapon – I use black acrylic gesso! (Some painters use black acrylic paint, but I’ve learned that is not a sound, archival practice.)

That’s right! As usual, I prime my canvas with white or gray acrylic gesso. After it dries, I then block-in the dark details with black gesso. Oh, I prefer Cobra’s water-mixable oils!