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The #PowerArtists series would be remiss if it did not include an interview with the omnipresent and popular social media arts advocate, Sian Lindemann. A master mentor of the creative spirit, Sian generously supports and encourages the growth of her fellow artists.

“PowerArtists are the social media ‘rockstars’ of the art world! Not only are they talented creatives, but they understand how to harness the power of social media and use it to promote their art careers. #PowerArtists are inspiring and freely share their knowledge with others.”

sian lindemannSian Lindemann is an accomplished artist, visionary, and business development expert and brings to the Arts and Entertainment community 30 years of experience in marketing, arts promotion, and career development for artists and for her own artistic career, now spanning 50 years. Notably, as VP of Dolphin Galleries Inc., Maui, Hawaii.

Sian is a creative tornado, as a painter, fabric designer, clothing designer, costume designer, stage set designer, landscape designer, musician, actress, floral designer, photo stylist, videographer, and now award winning photographer. She has exhibited her original works all over the world.

1. Describe a typical day in the life of a #PowerArtist.

There is rarely a day that I can easily go to sleep…and there is rarely a day where I’m not waking at 4 AM exited to face the day and its adventure. When I am deeply engrossed in the creative process, it is a demanding taskmaster, at times unyielding…yet when all is said and done, and a new art work is complete, there is an overwhelming sense of completion and fulfillment that it takes me over ….and is better than chocolate!
Every day is work, every day is creative, every day is fulfilling. I spend time each day in reflection, in creation, in “sales” and in appreciation of my gifts…and my friends around the world. “Impassioned” about the arts is how I am known!

Impassioned ©2011 Sian Lindemann

My days are never the same…yet they start in the most ordinary of ways.

  • A cup of tea or coffee, shower, and off to feed all the animals.
  • I take the morning to “move” slowly and awaken by interacting and posting some morning inspirations on my Facebook pages and Twitter Streams.
  • It sets the tone for the day…. and will then take off to go for a walk with the dog, or I will spend some time in the floral design studio creating a “floral” ensemble … just for me.
  • Someone will usually show up to buy one of the pre-designed arrangements and I like to create them as I love to also photograph them for work that I do.

My day is full of live interactions on the phone and web for clients, customers, or projects that we are working on or that we are “pitching”. I always keep a work in progress at my fingertips as it gives me a “sweet” break from the more left brained activities that I deal.

"Spot On" ©2011 Sian Lindemann

2. Give an example of how you use social media to promote your art business.

For me, social media is a Renaissance, and is free!  This kind of promotion and visibility would have cost considerable dollars through traditional media. I use social media specifically as a tool to promote my name and my identity.  I LOVE social media and its immediacy. It has given opportunity and progress to the arts in a way that has removed barriers.

  • I have sold art and many many services via the web……and am absolutely sold on the power of personal and brand visibility for artists.
  • I know that social media is a tool worthy of my attention. I can see its value.
  • Now my purpose primarily is to be FOUND. Google Sian Lindemann or Sian Design, and I’m all over the web. Good, Bad, Indifferent….I am all over the web.

THE most remarkable thing about social media is that it IS the artists that are recommending me to other artists. That is the most significant power of social media…the world is smaller…and here is the message. “If one man can…then any man can”. I love that for the art world!

3. If you could meet any artist: past, present, or future, who would it be and why?

Robert Redford. His work as artist and as Sundance providing a vehicle for other emerging artists is a model I’ve adhered to throughout my life. I still hope someday to meet him, and I would hope to have an artistic interaction with him … I respect him immensely.
I would also have loved to have met Georgia O’keefe. I want to live in the Georgia O’Keefe Museum because her paintings make me feel the magnificence of life through simplicity…and I love that she lived life on her own terms. Also, Frieda Khalo, both she and Georgia are significantly passionate and independent women with whom I feel a kindred sisterhood….

4. If your art could be displayed anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Like the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude…I would LOVE to do an art exhibition on the hiking paths throughout Arches National Park or The Grand Canyon. This is a pretty crazy idea….but I’m going to do one or the other before I leave this body.

5. What sage advice would you give an artist who is just starting out in his/her career?

GO For it….do not compromise…..Tell yourself the Truth…..Give massively…..Live Fearlessly.  Strive for Excellence…..DON’T LET anyone talk you out of your dreams. And What ever you do, do NOT second guess your vision….it is YOUR vision, given to you because only YOU can do it.

"Tall Cool Glass of Water" ©2011 Sian Lindemann

6. As a #PowerArtist, what do you do to ‘give back’ or ‘pay it forward’ to your community.

I have given more of my time, energy, advice, suggestions, recommendations, money, effort, expertise, methodology, FREE Million dollar ideas, placements, sales, and gifts to SO many people……I believe that this is why I feel I live quite a charmed life. I usually get what I need and also what I want…..and I am always surprised at the caliber of opportunities that come my way.
Am I lucky ? I am lucky to have been born an artist……and so are YOU … its a gift…..and a treasure…do not waste it….“Be Yourself….Experience The Difference” ~Sian Lindemann


Thank you to Sian for all the generous support you give to the arts each day via social media. We appreciate you! ~Lori 🙂

To get to know Sian a bit better, you can find her on the links below:


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