Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed DVD Now more than any other time in history, it is easy for artists and other small business owners to gain online exposure and stand out from the crowd. However, many small businesses are still perplexed about how to effectively use social media and blogging.

Since 2009, I have been blogging and using social media and it has literally changed and improved my life! (More about Lori) I have developed unique and easy online strategies, and secrets to help other small business owners like myself. Together with marketing genius Eric Rhoads, we are proud to release this one-of-a-kind, value packed, 6 hour long DVD, “Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed.”

Eric Rhoads is the successful publisher of Plein Air Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur. In our DVD, Eric openly brings 30 years of his expertise launching companies and media brands, creating startups, and building businesses. Together we share laughs, and reveal our secrets to success with nearly 6 hours of step by step demonstrations!

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed Eric Rhoads and Lori McNee

This DVD is like having private coaching from the experts, but at a much more affordable price!

Creating a social media strategy and social media management so you can spend less time on the computer.

  • How to build your authority, and credibility.
  • How to build your customer base.
  • We walk you through the importance of branding, and how to build your brand.
  • We cover marketing, and helpful blogging tips, plus the most important Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn tips.
  • Marketing vs. branding — many business owners confuse these, but you’ll see the difference and what to do for each.
  • Why social media marketing is like a good old-fashioned farmer’s market and how you can use that to build loyal relationships with your fans. They’ll follow you, buy more of your art (or product), and recommend you to friends and family!
  • Why just having a Facebook page isn’t enough anymore, and how simple it is to incorporate other social media outlets into your marketing plan.·
  • Which social networking sites are best for artists.
  • How to use social media marketing without feeling like a “salesperson.”
  • The best times to post to reach your target audience.
  • Defining your audience so you can target them directly in your marketing efforts — you’ll save time and money if you go for the most ideal customers right away.
  • The importance of images, especially for artists, and how to use the right images to attract attention to your posts.
  • You will also discover other social sites and tools and tricks you have never heard of!
  • The information will translate to any small business, not just artists.

Social Media Marketing Secrets Revealed buy now

We wanted to create a social media resource for you that is very user-friendly, easy to understand and implement and where you can decide how much or how little social media you want to do. You will have complete control over your own strategy and will have the tools to do anything you like. Regardless of your current level of skill and understanding of social media, there is something here for everyone.

  • We’ll take you through the basic steps of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, and others before getting to the more detailed how-to instructions.
  • With this video, you’ll be able to watch and learn at your own pace as you set up your social media profiles, and begin blending these tools with your marketing.
  • You can take notes and review certain segments as many times as you need to until you have everything just right.

This DVD will take away the mystery and confusion so you can begin a relevant and effective social media plan that you can easily maintain, without feeling overwhelmed – now doesn’t that sound like a fresh perspective?

Sure, you could buy expensive courses or hire consultants that promise to help you build your brand and sell more paintings (or products). The good news is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on courses or consultants because social media is something you can master for yourself – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is once you know the way to do it.
And the best part is, we’re not asking several thousands of dollars for this…

You’ll pay just $147 for nearly six valuable hours with Eric and me guiding you from the basics to the more sophisticated functions of social media. After watching, you will put that to work in your own business – Just think, you could have an entire social media marketing strategy set up the same day this DVD arrives in your mailbox! This will take your business to the next level.

BUY NOW, and enjoy this DVD at your own pace and review segments as many times as you need to until you have your social media just where you want it.

Enjoy the journey! ~Lori :)