Twitter is an important ingredient to my art business success. Since 2009, I have effectively used the following simple Twitter tips as a way to brand and market myself and my art business.

For me, Twitter has proven to be the fastest way to build my online presence. Twitter has literally changed my life, and propelled my career!

In fact, Twitter has changed the way in which businesses, and customers communicate with each other. Twitter gives small to mid-sized businesses (like artists) a way to reach a larger target audience.

However, getting your message out to your audience and heard is critical. Here are a few simple Twitter tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

Twitter Handle

Your @Name is the first think people see, it is your brand. For example, I am @lorimcneeartist – right away you know I am an artist!


Create a catchy profile description. This is a branding opportunity. Use relevant hashtags to help you get found. Here’s a helpful article about customizing your Twitter profile. Note, hashtags in the profile are clickable too!

Simple Twitter Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Profile Picture

Studies show that an image with a smiling face gets more click-throughs. Followers and potential followers want to see your face, instead of a logo, or the back of your head.

Simple Twitter Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Profile Banner

Twitter Profile Banners are a great way to further customize the expressiveness of your profile. Profile banners come in a variety of display-enhanced sizes. Click here to learn more. I decided to brand myself along with the tagline of my art business from 

Simple Twitter Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd

Pinned Tweet

Pin a special tweet to the top of your Twitter profile page. This is a great branding opportunity. Be clever and have fun with this. For example, I pinned my book!

Simple Twitter Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd
Quality Matters

Share quality content, and don’t make it all about you. Post interesting content and images. People think in images and visual images now dominate the internet. This is good news for artists! To learn more the importance of images click here. 

Simple Twitter Tips to Stand Out From the CrowdUse Hashtags

Hashtags are confusing for some people, but they are rather easy to use. Hashtags are used as a search tool.  Hashtags help us sift through all the Twitter noise so we can find relevant content and conversations. A hashtag consists of the pound or number symbol ( # ) followed by a word. For example my hashtag, #finearttips helps my following find my tweets and blog related content. Hashtags will help your tweets get found.

Also, notice how I use clickable hashtags in my profile description above.

Engage Your Audience

Make it a point to stay actively engaged with your online community. Retweet, and tweet others the way you would like to be tweeted! Here is a helpful article about building your audience or online tribe > Create A Niche Market for Your Art in a Sea of Artists

Tweet a little everyday!

This is an important point to remember. In order to build a loyal following, it is crucial to keep a consistent presence on Twitter. Otherwise, your followers will delete you with special social media engagement apps like Crowdfire. Even just one or two tweets added each day will help you grow your following, community, and influence.

Be sure and use my Twitter tips above to improve your online presence. I hope to see you on Twitter. Happy Tweeting! ~Lori

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