Today is a creative day. Today is a day filled with inspiration. Check out these Six Things Artists Do To Make Every Day Creative.


Check out these Six Things Artists Do To Make Every Day Creative.

1. Every Moment

That’s correct: when one thrives on making art, every day starts and ends with creativity. Sometimes, it just comes to us. But more often, we go after inspiration.

How do we keep this kind of focus? Well, it turns out to not be about focus at all. In fact, one of my mentors calls it “easy focus” since getting stressed about being creative defeats the purpose. Instead, an artist starts with intention.

This may take the form of morning pages or simple morning rituals. Mine consists of quiet time with a cup of coffee. No matter what, it starts when you wake up.

2. Pure Nurture

Speaking of waking up: sleep is so crucial. No amount of inspiration can make up for lack of rest. It may be very tempting to pull an all-nighter because the muse is on fire, but it rarely results in the best art.

Nutrition is another thing one cannot skimp on. Hydration and balanced meals make a difference with every aspect of life. Nurturing is all about staying healthy and maintaining good energy levels.

You will figure out what else you need for self-care. Some artists need more time alone and others need more time with loved ones. Personally, I need both, so I go for long hikes on my own and schedule time with friends every week. Learn what “feeds” your non-bodily needs and keep that nutrition coming.

3. Emptying

However energized and active they are at other times, all of my favorite artists and mentors find time to just be. One of my friends literally does a form of meditation in which they invite their mind to depart while they dance. Another loves to sit at her favorite window and stare at the forest.

This sort of “emptying” seems to give space for the next flurry of inspiration. Being open and quiet often makes room for the next wave of creating.

4. Collaborate

It is very common for artists to be introverts. But this does not mean we should cut ourselves off from other people. Connecting with other humans is important on all levels of our life from inspiration to good mental health.

For one thing, when we connect with other people, we can collaborate on our art. This can take a myriad of forms. Maybe it will be about going to an art gallery and connecting — even if only in our imaginations — with the other artists. Or it could take the form of getting a cup of tea with a friend and chatting about our creative process.

5. Get It

Now, back to that thing about going after inspiration: as an artist, it’s your job to find it and mold it into your next creation. Many artists have spoken of this pursuit with brutal metaphors.

Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” and according to Ani DiFranco, “Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.”

Inspiration is everywhere and it is far too easy to miss. Look for it everywhere. Go after it. Get it. Make everyday creative! 

6. Try It

Keep learning. Another everyday thing for artists who want to keep creating is to learn. Each person can find a way to make this a reality. Maybe it’s discovering the meaning of a new word daily. For someone it will be singing a new song (even if that’s not their art form) and for another it will be trying a new recipe.

Being an artist is deeply challenging and beautifully simple. My advice? Forget my suggestions. Just go out and make your own.

Guest author: Stan Stewart is a musician, poet, and advocate for unsigned artists. Check out his many creative pursuits on his website and Twitter.