Lori enjoying the backcountry of Idaho during her studio break

Just like with any profession, it is important for artists to take a studio break in order to recharge their creative batteries. Last night, I asked some of social media’s favorite artists, “What do YOU do for a fun studio break?”

I sent out this query via direct message on Twitter ,and then I also posted this same question on my Fine Art Tips Facebook fan page , and on my Google Plus wall. Wow –  I was surprised by such a quick and huge response from my everyone, which you will see below.
To the ‘civilian’ or non-artist, the daily life of an artist may seem mysterious or even glamorous. Yes, self-employed artists are able to work for themselves and call their own shots.  But the truth is, being an artist is a lot of hard work! Many of us juggle daytime or nighttime jobs, and rear children while squeezing in precious time to create.
For me, I enjoy taking a break from my studio by getting outside and into nature with my dogs. This is the best way for me to clear my head and recharge my own creative batteries. Depending on the season, you can find me either hiking a mountain trail, skiing down a slope, jogging a bike-path or simply strolling my dogs around the neighborhood.
I hope this little post introduces you to some new artists to follow as well as motivates you to step away from the easel, desk, table or workbench in order to take an enjoyable studio break!

“What do YOU do for a fun studio break?”

Artists from Twitter: 
Henie Reisinger HennArtOnline How fun…well I take a walk on the beach where I sometimes write & take photos..thx for asking me 🙂
Matt LeBlanc Art mattleblancart When I’m in there for long hours, I love to break up for a half hour run … That clears my mind. Also like to break and play with the kids… They usually tell me if I paint too much. They bring me back down to earth!!
 isazapata I paint animated movies (I’ve seen em 100’s of times) 4 a brake I make myself a cup of tea and look at the movie that is playing for a little while 🙂 about 15 min (usually take breaks at the endings)
Kathy Swift cowartandmore You won’t believe this, but I DVR one of the afternoon soaps. I can sit and watch it in 20 minutes. Mental escape. 
Debbie Flood debflood I only take one break, and that is lunch. Hopefully there is chocolate in that break! and hot Tea. frisbee with dog. Chat online.
nemo artbynemo I draw and color for fun, making art is one big long break, im on vacation right now and im going to be working harder then ever.

Robin Maria Pedrero robinpedrero I alternate art and business all day long, when I paint I play music and dance, I work from a home studio. Studio breaks involve walking my dog, sitting poolside to eat, watching Live or Ellen.

Maria Wise, APR artsylady I go for a power walk. Sometimes I do yoga or fold laundry. Or I might check Twitter, like now!
Ken Newman Sculpture newmansculpture Head out with Emma (lab) to the river/cattails and let her rustle up some birds, quail, pheasant, ducks…- rubber boots and hat required.
Karen Eland beerpainter In studio-make a french press coffee or dance crazy to a disco song! to get out for a break-ride my bike through the park. 😉
William Weith artistinthewild I live on the ocean in the FL Keys. For a fun break I walk out of the studio, down the dock, feed the Barracudas and watch dolphins
Rod Jones Artist RodJonesArtist I go out on my deck that sits up over a forest w/my camera & look for an interesting shot usually tied 2 the changing weather. It has a way of refocusing my brain & takes me away from the sometimes monotonous brush strokes that make up my style of painting. I also listen to a classical radio station out of Australia. I like hearing their local news, weather & their comments about composers
Rodney Pike RodneyPike To be honest I never take breaks. Once in a while to eat but I work fron 5:15am until at least 10:00pm. Honestly. I need to though
Kendra Dixson kendraart Taking a break from graphic design to go TO my studio. Just BEING there is a fun break for me. On long painting days I get take-out sushi 🙂
Helen Aldous ArtonomyBlog My fave studio break is 11am on a sunny day. Tiny courtyard outside my studio. Fresh coffee. Lean back against the wall & watch the sky. Joy
  Tymebandit My fun studio break usually involves social media, Twitter in particular. Another is to watch the latest movie trailers online.
Melody Lea Lamb MelodyLeaLamb For a break every day I go running in the Berkshire country side with my dog! 🙂
Shannon Grissom ShannonGrissom A walk :O)
  LyndaslineArt  Hi Lori! I grab a cup of green tea, ipad or camera & head out back with our two “golden” girls – Cassidy & Binx. On bad weather days …I phone a friend to chat, or look through blogs to see what other artists are doing. Grazie for asking & sharing!
lameymacdonald lameymacdonald Nature always refreshes and inspires me, so I love to go for a brisk walk to revitalize! I also love doing a bit of yoga–both activities help ground and center me.
Leighton Hubbell leightonhubbell I don’t do it every day, but I ride my mountain bike about 3-4 times a week for a nice break.
Rebecca Latham rebeccalatham Fun (for me) studio breaks can be..relaxing w/ a cup of tea & the cat, going for a qk walk in the woods, hitting the home gym, or chatting w/ friends.

Artists from Facebook: 
 Alan Zinn Play Scrabble. Give the Left Side of the Brain something to do. 🙂 While I’m reading your Tweets of course…:)
 Cheri Sparks Usually using the bathroom!
 Adrienne D. Wimbush Play fast paced computer games to stimulate my mind
 Ishita Bandyo Read historical fiction on my kindle
 Molten Creativity I grab my camera and head for the beach and pick up a soft serve swirl cone along the way!
 Laura J Bolle’ Play with my dogs who are always sleeping in the studio
 JS Taylor Art Ride horses, run, ride a bike or hike around our big hills in Tennessee
 Denise Molin Mulligan Drag my kids outside to play with me! Explore the natural world without paint fumes.
 Suzanne Frazier I go outside and look at the clouds and breathe. Love it. And then return inside to paint and paint and paint. I’m recharged!
Bill Werle Bill Werle My studio break consists of reading about painting and the business of painting or experimenting at the canvas. My current life situation doesn’t afford me the time for anything other than occasional walk along the river or drive into the mountains.
 Sharon Kathleen Johnson I get on Facebook and make comments.
Artists from Google Plus:

Jed Alexander's profile photo Jed Alexander  –  I eat Oreo cookes.
C.J. Shane's profile photo C.J. Shane  –  I take my dog to the Rillito River (most of the time it has no water in it) and we walk. I look at the sky and the Santa Catalina Mountains. My dog Yuma smells everything. I pick up sparkly rocks. My dog Yuma listens to the coyotes and contemplates the wild life, but he always decides to stay with me. After a while, we come home.
Jean Tripier's profile photoJean Tripier  –  Coffee, of course
cathy hunt's profile photo cathy hunt  –  Step outside for few minutes. If it’s sunny, put my face to the sun, or just walk around the block. In the winter, sometimes, I do a couple chores, start a soup, anything to change the thought pattern for a few minutes and let the creativity simmer. : )
Jon Jensen's profile photo Jon Jensen  –  Nothing clears my mind like a good long run. 🙂
Thank you to all these talented artists for their participation. Please share what you do each day for a fun studio break! ~Lori

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