Stretched Canvas vs. Pre-Stretched Canvas

Whether artists want a stretched canvas or a mounted canvas, both have advantages and disadvantages between purchasing the readymade or making your own.

(The following tips also apply toward linen).
Stretching your own Canvas versus Pre-Stretched Canvas
First we will discuss the things you should think through when evaluating the possibility of stretching your own canvas as opposed to buying pre-stretched.

·       Space

If you want to stretch your own by yourself then you need to find some workspace. However, if you are interested in purchasing pre-stretched canvases, then you need to have extra space for storage.

·       Cost

Usually it is more cost-effective to do the stretching by yourself because it can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. The only caution in doing this is that you have to buy the canvas in bulk , and stretcher bars, which means more advance expenses.

·       Skill

There is a learning curve in stretching your own.  This means it will take time for the beginner to stretch it, but eventually you will learn and after that it won’t be too hard.

·       Flexibility

Stretching it by yourself will give you a wider range of options.  You will be able to select the suitable brand, size, quality and texture. At times, the type of surface you want to paint on is not available in pre-stretched.

·       Time

Stretching does takes some time.  You should ask yourself just how valuable is your time. Also, determine whether or not the amount of savings justifies your time stretching the canvas or not. One point to keep in mind is that the quality of the canvas will help determine your time worth spending stretching and doing-it-yourself. For example, if you are buying a lower quality canvas then it would be worthless to spend your valuable time on stretching.

·       Quality

If you are looking for canvases of higher quality, your options will be limited and the available options will be expensive. Furthermore, the quality of pre-stretched vary a lot, plus some pre-stretched canvases can get creased or sag from time to time.

Mounting your Canvas to Panels versus Pre-Mounted Canvas Panels

Another option for artists to consider is whether you should purchase pre-mounted canvas panels or mount your canvas to panels by yourself.

·       Quality

There are many high-quality readymade panels that are available through a number of sources. These high-quality panels are skillfully mounted using special glues that are safe for the canvas and the art.  It is much easier to find great quality of pre-mounted panels than it is to find high-quality pre-stretched canvases.

·       Time

The amount time required to mount your canvas onto the panel is considerably greater as compared to stretching your own canvas.

·       Skill

It requires some skill to learn the mounting procedure of canvas to panels, and during the initial phase the quality of mounting might be of lower quality until you get some experience. With all of this, it is still more cost-effective to mount your own canvas onto panels.
Guest Author: This Blog post was written by Howayda Alame on behalf of FN Prints, where people can buy posters and canvas online.

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