Tabletop Artist Palettes by New Wave Art

Once again, my friends at New Wave Art have asked me to try out their latest product design. This time I am reviewing their new POSH tabletop artist palettes.

It always feels like Christmas whenever I open up a new box of palettes from New Wave Art. First of all, I’d like to say that I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of anything produced by the New Wave Art family. All of their products are topnotch quality, and the POSH tabletop palettes are everything the name implies.

Tabletop Artist Palettes by New Wave Art
New Wave Art takes pride in every aspect of their presentation, from the packaging to the product itself. The POSH tabletop palettes use beautiful furniture grade maple wood that has been hand sanded, and hand finished by Amish craftsmen.

Lori McNee of
I love my New Wave palettes!

I first tested the grey toned palette. I was very impressed with the nonporous surface which is nonabsorbent, plus the grey tone made color mixing very easy. Although I use Cobra’s solvent-free oils, I am told that these palettes are resistant to standard artist solvents and mediums. They are easy to clean, but I would avoid using a razor blade for scraping paint because it will dig into the beautiful finish. I easily cleaned my POSH with a palette knife, rubbing alcohol and a VIVA paper towel.

POSH is also available with a beautiful natural stain surface which is finished like the handheld palettes. All POSH palettes come outfitted with custom silicone footings for superb traction on any surface and of course they are proudly made in the USA. In addition, the warp resistant wood provides an ideal surface in the studio or outdoors.
Whether you choose a POSH or a wooden New Wave handheld palette, I know you will feel appreciate the timeless quality of these products. For me, working in my studio with New Wave palettes makes my painting experience even more enjoyable! ~Lori
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