A lot of people dream of being an artist.  Maybe you are one of those people who loved to draw as a kid or took an art classes in college, but was discouraged away from art as serious profession.   


Ask yourself: 

  • Do you still have an inner desire to create? 
  • To relax, do you like to flip through art magazines, books or art related websites? 
  • Do you find yourself saying things like, “I just don’t have the time to paint, but I want to someday.” or, “I could have done this.” or, “Maybe someday I will get back to my art?”     
  • If so, I fondly refer to you as the “armchair-artist.”  This person sits in a chair and daydreams about creating, but is intimidated and immobilized by the thought of it.  Obviously, we all have rent, house payments, and other bills.  So how does an ‘armchair-artist’ take that first step from the armchair and into the studio???  Baby steps… 

    Walt Disney bluntly stated, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”   

    And by the way…it is never too late!  I know many successful artists who didn’t start painting until they were retired.  As long as we have our faculties, we can improve in art for the remainder of our lives.  So…like the Nike ad says…JUST DO IT! 


    Here are some suggestions: 


  • Start a sketchbook or journal.  Carry it with you and make a few small sketches a day.
  • Join a painting or craft workshop
  • Visit local galleries or museums
  • Watch an art demonstration on DVD (paint along with it)
  • Take a college art class
  • Don’t be critical of first attempts.
  • Take pride in the fact that you are creating
  • If you don’t have room for a studio in your home, find a small corner of the living room or kitchen to work. (I worked at my kitchen table for years)
  • Stay organized and work small
  • Make time in your busy schedule for creating.  Make it a HABIT.  (just like you make time to exercise).
  • At first, maybe just twice a week…then you can add more time as you progress.
  • Enjoy the learning process.
  • Join a local artists group
  • Form good working habits
  • Set goals.
  • Enter a competition or local arts/craft fair
  • Create between loads of laudry or during naptime, get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour or two later. (I have done it all!)
  • If it is important to you, you WILL find time. 
  • When you are ready to sell, you might like to read THE RIGHT GALLERY – How I Found Mine  DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!

    And remember to keep your work, you did it.  Be proud.  There are virtues & faults for you to study.  You will learn from yourself more than anyone else. This is a time for you to explore and find your own voice.  Take the pressure off and don’t be afraid of what this growth may become. 


    “Give your throat a chance to sing its song.” ~Robert Henri.


    Lori 🙂


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