Many of you may know that that I am a big believer in the amazing Method Lights art studio lights, and I have been using them in my own studio for years.

Now, the same professional method of lighting is available for your outdoor easel! Read on to learn more…

Lori using the ML-EL Smart Easel Light at the Plein Air Convention

My ML-Direct Art Studio lights allow me to paint in my studio with the perfect light anytime! With their patented True Color Light technology, and with a touch of a button, I get consistent illumination, and color temperature which help me create beautiful, believable paintings.

Lori’s ML Direct Plus in her studio
True Color Light technology remote control

Yes, the ML-Directs are portable and you can screw them into any standard light fixture, but like a lamp in a hotel room, they are not made for outdoor use.

The answer?

The ML-EL Smart Easel Light!
As an avid plein air painter it is critical for me to have good lighting in the field. You may be thinking that I am talking exclusively about nocturnes but that is not the case.
Of course, it’s important to have a great nocturne light but it’s equally important to be able to maintain the perfect light throughout an entire painting. To cover all of the bases, I’ll discuss each one separately.

©2019 Lori McNee, Wyoming Sunset, 6×8, oil on Multimedia Artboard. (Lori painted this nocturne using her ML-EL Smart Easel Light)
  1. First you still must have the 95+CRI quality light that will allow you to see the real colors you are working with.
  2. Second the color temp control is equally important day or night to maintain consistency of lighting, which is a must!
  3. The right dimmer.

And believe it or not having the right type of dimmer is extremely important.

Why? Simple, have you ever been out with a group painting and there is that person or people that have lights so bright its blinding even to you twenty feet away? Or have you tried to use one of those tiny lights that illuminate only corner of your canvas and not your paints which leaves you guessing what color you are really using?
The ML-EL Smart Easel Light covers all of this of course and the perfect light goes without saying but the dimmer feature and the flexible neck take it to a whole new level.
The specialized LEDs in the ML-EL will dim down to almost zero giving you all the flexibility you need, and the flexible neck lets you position the light to illuminate your entire work area with out blinding you or those around you. Also, once set, the light will memorize your perfect setting for later use.
My ML_EL Smart Easel Light really comes in handy when I’m demoing on stage or teaching workshops. In the Instagram image below, you can see me using it on stage at the Plein Air Convention!
So why do you need a light in the daytime? Will there are a few reasons?

  1. First, once you match and memorize the light you are painting in then you have can recreate it anytime. So, if it gets cloudy, or you have to put up an umbrella or the light changes throughout the day (as it tends to do) then you still have the same light that you started in memorized.
  2. If it starts raining or if it’s just time to pack it up for the day then you can take comfort that you can finish your painting in your hotel room or art studio in the same light!

Here’s what you get when you purchase a ML-EL Smart Easel Light. First of all you get all of the amazing features of the ML-Direct; the patented True Color Light technology, adjustable color temperature, 95+CRI, super bright to super dim LEDs, remote control and the outstanding customer service and 3-year limited warranty with the 30 day money back guarantee!
You also get a heavy-duty carrying case, super strong clamp, flexible neck and a rechargeable battery pack(with charger) that last 25 hours on MAX and longer if you are using a dimmer setting. Plus detailed instruction and unlimited technical support from Method Lights!

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