oil painting hummingbird and purple vaseResearch shows that color can play a major role in our overall state of well-being and creativity. The colors we surround ourselves with on a daily basis influence the way we feel and relax.

Over the few months we have been learning about each primary and secondary color and its hidden meaning. This week is purple…
Interestingly enough, the symbolism of color is not universal, but cultural. Generally, the more rare the colored pigment, the higher value of its meaning.  Tyrian purple, the original purple is the color of a dye made from a mollusc. Purple became a symbol of royalty because only the very wealthy could afford it.
Purple is a secondary color. A secondary is made by mixing the primaries together…


PURPLE: A combination of red and blue, purple is a balanced color. There is a disagreement over exactly which shades are truly purple. The discrepancy is because of people’s varying eye sensitivity to red and blue.
Regal and dignified, purple is to be used with discretion. Pale shades of purple and lavenders are restful and serene, but the darker shades make it difficult to focus. Lavenders signify refined things of life, creative, witty and civilized.
However, purples can be tiring on the eyes and cause a sense of frustration, even sexual frustration. Gloom and sad feelings can be portrayed by using purples in paintings.
But, purples can make an excellent foil for works of art. Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Therefore, purple is a good color to use in meditation. The red in violet offers a grounding effect.
Purple is also used to symbolize wisdom, magic and mystery – think of the legendary wizard, Merlin who is depicted wearing a purple robe.


Please read Use the Hidden Meaning of Color for Your Art for even more information on color.Thanks Wikipedia helping me learn a bit more about purple!
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