Recently I have learned that I don’t have to be perfect, however it is important for me to always do my best, but no more and no less.

The secret to doing your best
The inspiring book, “The Four Agreements” reiterated this fact to me. The book explains that doing our best frees us from the self-limiting beliefs that rob us of our joy and personal freedom.
But, your best will never be the same from one moment to the next. Sometimes your best will be high quality, and other times it will not be as good. Your daily moods and activities will change your best from day to day.
Oftentimes conscientious people try too hard to do more than their best. Many artists fall into this trap, and I have been guilty of this myself.
Not only do we work hard, striving to improve our craft, but we also have to manage our businesses, pay the bills and support our families. Sometimes we think that doing more than our best will get us to our goals more quickly. But, this just isn’t true.
When we overdo, we exhaust our bodies and go against ourselves. In this state of mind we actually take longer to accomplish our goals and our work will suffer. Then we subject ourselves to self-judgment, frustration, and regrets.
How liberating would it be to end each day knowing that you did your best?
Doing your best isn’t about the reward. It is about the enjoyment in the action. It becomes a ritual. When you slow down and do your best, you will find enjoyment in whatever you are doing.
Well-known artists, Michael Workman and T. Allen Lawson have created the habit of always doing their best. They both create a ritual from the action of organizing their studios, setting up their palettes, preparing the painting supports, designing their compositions, to methodically laying in each brushstroke, these painters do their best.
It is a joy to watch them work. They may not always create a masterpiece, but they are content with doing their best in the moment.
You are not here to sacrifice your happiness. You are here to learn to accept yourself, and to learn from your mistakes without judgment. If you practice doing your best, you will become the master.
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