Vancouver, BC Canada has fast become a world-renowned art hub for a new art medium, 3D computer generated art. For years, Vancouver has been fondly known as Hollywood North as it is often referred to for its feature film industry and now for the 3D movie and computer gaming industries.

World famous studios such as Pixar, Electronic Arts and Digital Domain call Vancouver their home.
After a year of intense hard work and dedication, my oldest son has finally graduated from Vancouver’s premiere 3D computer modeling and animation school, Think Tank Training Center. (I hope to encourage you to take an extra moment to look at my son’s demo reel portfolio at the end of this post.)

Lori in front of Think Tank Training Center
“Toad Warrior” ©2011 Bret McNee

Bret already had a college Fine Arts degree, but like with many young artists, the allure of the computer beckoned him. With a strong appreciation for traditional art as well as this new medium, Bret has now finished up his continued training at the amazing, Think Tank Training Center, Vancouver’s premiere 3D modeling and animation school and is excited to work in this industry.

My brother and son chatting in one Think Tank’s state-of-the-art classrooms
Think Tank’s high-tech interior

So last weekend, my brother and I drove for 18 hours up to beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada to move my son back home until he finds a job. We had a fast, but great visit to Canada. I am really impressed with Vancouver, which was home to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The 2010 Winter Olympic torch

Nestled below majestic mountains and world famous ski resorts, Vancouver is a bustling city, rich in cultural diversity including art, interesting architecture, food and entertainment. The streets are clean, friendly and safe for a big city. I had fun using my testing out my new Canon 60D camera on some of the cities sites and attractions.

The Canadian Rockies tower over the city

With approximately 2 million people, Vancouver is a waterway city with great public transportation, wonderful parks, walkways, wildlife, the Vancouver Art Gallery (Museum), and a great aquarium all within a few miles (or kilometers I should say).

My favorite duck, “The Barrow’s Goldeneye” loves Vancouver
We saw beautiful old growth trees during a walk in “Stanley Park”
Vancouver Art Gallery (Museum)
The aquarium rescued these dolphins from nets. Unable to return to the wild, they enjoy using their smarts to entertain humans.
The aquarium showcases beautiful fish tanks
Beautiful but venomous jelly fish

Over the past year, I have loved my visits to Canada, and at the same time I have gained an enormous respect for computer generated art and its artists. It is a very interesting and exciting art industry. I even tried my hand at drawing on the computer myself – and let me tell you, it was NOT a pretty picture! (If you want to see my kind of art, please view my oil paintings)
It takes lots of eye hand coordination, artistic skill AND loads of computer savvy knowledge. Nevertheless, there will always be enough room for traditional and this new digital art medium. You might like to read this related article about that subject: The Importance of Being an Artist in Today’s Modern World.

Lori & a pixelated whale sculpture! A sign of the digital influence on Vancouver

As most of my readers are fine artists like me, I hope you enjoyed an inside look into the computer generated art world and where it all begins…with our youth. Please be sure to check out my son’s awesome portfolio, which is called a ‘demo reel’ in the 3D art world – I am a proud mama!
Now Bret is in the midst of sending out his demo reel and resume in hopes of finding a job in the gaming or movie industry. If any of you have any ideas or suggestions for Bret, we would really appreciate your comment!
Thank you! ~Lori

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