After a long day of travel from Idaho, I’m finally here in Giverny, France. This week, I’ll be teaching my special painting workshop in Monet’s Garden.  On our way to Giverny, the driver took us on an unexpected detour to visit the grave of Vincent Van Gogh and the Church at Auvers.
Auvers is the quant little town which has been made famous because this is where Van Gogh chose to paint and live the final years of his life.  This is also where in 1890, Van Gogh painted the famous oil painting, The Church at Auvers which now hangs in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, France.

I felt humble to stand in the same exact location where Van Gogh painted! 

Lori McNee pictured on the left with fellow artist, Shanna Kunz on the right

After I posted the above picture to Facebook, my friend James Coulter made an insightful remark saying, “It amazes me how he elevated everything he painted to a higher realm, instead of just trying to “copy” it. To me, that is the measure of a true artist.”

Ironically, Vincent and his faithful brother Theo are both buried in the church graveyard. I was actually surprised by the emotion that welled up inside me. I felt such a deep reverence visiting Van Gogh, his brother, and the Church at Auvers. ????????