Like I’ve said before, artists have been on the forefront of every great era – even blogging!

Nowadays, most professional artists have blogs or websites. Artists should consider blogging because it is far more versatile than a website.

Today kicks off a helpful series of articles about blogging and how to become a blogger. Tomorrow, professional blogger and blogging coach, John Paul Aguiar shares his guest post, “5 Simple Steps to Start Your First Blog.”

Or discover how to Start Your Own Blog in 15 Minutes of Less with my step by step article.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to think about:

  • You can easily embed video or audio and images in your posts yourself. Use the blog as a base for a podcast, and be sure to integrate widgets or interactive tools.
  • It is also easy to have a separate static page for your bio, artist’s statement and resume.
  • Blogs are a less expensive way of advertising your business to the online community.
  • A blog is an on-line journal or weblog where a you can post diary style entries about your art, hobbies or personal experiences.
  • A blog is a type of website that is easier to maintain with regular entries of  commentary and images usually in reverse chronological order.
  • Your personal blog is a place where you can reflect, share opinions, upcoming art events, interviews and topics of your choice!
  • Plus blogging exposes you to new art and opinions and interesting people within your niche and beyond.

Blogging has opened a whole new world to me! Becoming a blogger has added a great balance to my art career. As an artist, I am in a solitary environment most of the time. Blogging and social media have helped end the feelings of isolation and boosted my creativity!
Please stop by again tomorrow and stayed tuned to learn more about blogging and how to become an art blogger! ~Lori 🙂*****
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