June Rollins alcohol ink paintingDo we need to give ourselves permission to smile? To Play? To have Fun?

During Yoga, my instructor said, “Allow the corners of your mouth to stretch out to your ears.”  We all smiled, but, I was surprised at how unsmiling my facial muscles had been just moments before. The word that flashed neon in my mind me was, “Allow.” Do we also need to give ourselves permission to do the same when it comes to our art? Some of us can be so dedicated, so intentional, so driven…Guilty.
“It looks like the artist is struggling here,” was the juror’s critique of one of my paintings in an earlier art show. That watercolor did not receive any special recognition, but her words were a pure gift. The lesson I learned, the lesson I’m learning, has been much more valuable:

“It’s a happy talent to know how to play.” ~Emerson

For most of my 11 year art journey I have been dedicated to watercolor. Nose-to-the-grindstone dedicated. I’ve read, maybe you have too, that you pick your medium and you stick with it. But, in 2009 I was growing so weary and worn-out, I went against what I had read and tried another medium, just for fun.

June Rollins Treasure by the Sea

I took a one day workshop in alcohol inks with Karen Walker. One can become intentional with alcohol inks, but my inner artist was out to play that day! When Karen asked us to begin manipulating the inks with brushes, I refused.
After the workshop, I continued to play. Soon, an intuitive Dreamscaping theme emerged using no brushes and I began receiving requests to teach. My instructor gave me her blessing as I had developed my own style and method of using alcohol inks, all out of a spirit of play and experimentation.

june rollins alcohol ink painting

One of the best dividends is, I’ve been able to carry that spirit of play over into watercolor. Now, to carry it over into yoga when trying to look like a pretzel and hearing my instructor’s voice, “Allow the corners of your mouth to stretch out to your ears.”
What will you try, just for fun? Be prepared to where it might lead.
Enjoy the fun journey! ~June
Follow June Rollin’s creative journey at www.junerollins.wordpress.com To read more about that first alcohol inks workshop experience here: http://junerollins.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/alcohol-ink-beginnings/
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