Over years, I have discovered the value of video marketing. I have been learning how to edit, optimize and upload my own videos which is a rewarding experience.

You do not have to be the next James Cameron to create an entertaining video that generates many views and increases traffic to your site. Below, are some video marketing tips and stats that I have learned.
The basic idea behind using video is to drive traffic to your website/blog and create brand identity. Video marketing will help your website ‘ranking‘ and page results on Google, Yahoo and all other search engines.
The growth of online video has been dramatic. The power of video marketing can put your art business on the map and shouldn’t be ignored!
Having served over 1.73 billion views, YouTube is the favorite when searching for online video. YouTube ranks #2 for search engines after Google.
How to Make Video Marketing Work for You

  • Make Videos Geared Toward Your Audience:
    • Target your niche
    • Demonstrations
    • How to
    • Product reviews
    • Interviews
  • Create a Video Title that Stands Out:
    • Use ‘keywords’ within the title
    • For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes use key words that are applicable to your product, service or brand.
  • Tag & Categorize for Video Search Engine Optimization:
    • Use words or tags that users most likely will be searching for on the web.
    • Add as many keywords as you can and try and match to existing content – this helps your video become ‘recommended’ in the sidebar.
    • Tags are important for SEO purposes.
    • Video optimization is becoming more important as mainstream aspect to search engine optimization.
  • Less is more:
    • Keep your videos to 5 minutes or less for your best chance of creating a highly-viewed video.
    • Research has found that people’s attention span begins to wander after only 8 seconds – keep it short so you don’t lose them.
  • Brand Yourself in your Video:
    • Video is a sure way to create brand awareness within your industry.
    • Be sure and mention your brand/artist name and or logo.
  • Create Your Own YouTube Channel:
    • This is your first step towards becoming a video creator.
    • The opportunity to create a profile for yourself and your content, and link back to your website URL.
  • Promote Your Video:

Below is an example of one of my videos on YouTube.

With these compelling statistics, artists should consider using video marketing. Be smart and optimize your video content by understanding your niche market and engage with your viewer. Do your best to post relevant and entertaining videos.
Good luck! Lori
For more information on video marketing check out: Master New Media, Marketing Jive, Lawrence Bland’s Blog
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