In the popular post,Painting Abstracts: The Process Behind the Art, a talented young abstract artist gives us a rare glimpse into the thought process and inspiration behind his abstract paintings.

Abstract art, otherwise known as Modern Art mystifies many people, including representational artists. The untrained eye might have trouble understanding and appreciating it as a serious art form. We have all heard people say (or thought ourselves) things like:

  • That looks easy to paint”
  • “I could do that!”
  • Who would anyone pay for drips of paint on a canvas?”

This post explains why I, a representational artist, appreciates Abstract Art…
Because, pure Abstract Art represents what is being felt on the inside rather than what is being seen on the outside. Abstract Art is more than a haphazard mess flung onto canvas. The creativity within these works of art is meant to turn heads and illicit new imaginations within the viewer. In most circumstances, Abstract Art is filled with exciting colors and textures. These elements are what makes it one of the most favored forms of art collected today.  A strong piece of art is able to grab your attention and pull an emotional response from within you. This is the artist’s plan to keep your mind thinking, and analyzing and your eyes moving through the painting.

Questions like these are left to the viewer to answer and decide. Abstract Art breaks away from the traditional representation of everyday objects and familiar subject. The viewer is not distracted by meaningful images, so the mind is stirred into feeling the energy and spirit of the painting. Abstract Art does not reflect any form of realism in fact, it breaks the rules. The only requirements for such paintings are shapes, colors, lines, patterns, and an unbounded imagination to view the finished work! As artists we all have the need to reach inside ourselves and rouse our unconscious feelings. Whether to tell a story, to capture an image, or to illustrate an idea it is a universal desire for both representational and abstract artists.
Here’s to unleashing our imaginations, Lori Please check out the very interesting companion article: Painting Abstracts – The Process Behind the Art I found these article helpful: Abstract Art – An Introduction and How to Paint Abstract Art

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