It’s been in the making for nearly thirty years! So, I’m extra pleased to announce Lori’s Fine Art Tips School and my first online course, “Transform Your Oil Painting Skills: Your Easy Guide to Water-Mixable Oils.” 

Inspiration Awaits!

Visit Lori’s Fine Art Tips School and discover my secrets of water-mixable oil painting. As an Ambassador for Royal Talens and Cobra Oil Paints,

Unlock a healthier and more sustainable approach to oil painting in this fun and informative course which is designed for artists of all levels, from beginners to advanced painters who are excited to explore solvent-free oil painting. I will do my best to teach you everything I know…

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“A no-nonsense introduction to water-mixable oil painting, solvent-free with Lori McNee, an expert and certified Master Artist in water-mixable oils!”

With me as your guide, you’ll learn how to create stunning oil paintings using water-mixable, solvent-free, safe, and environmentally friendly oils. Say goodbye to the harsh chemicals and fumes of traditional oil paints, and embrace a safer and more eco-conscious method of painting. Discover the essential techniques and skills you need to unleash your creative potential and transform your oil painting skills.

Join now and start your journey to becoming a water-mixable oil painting expert!

Unleash your creativity and, “Transform Your Oil Painting Skills: Your Guide to Water-Mixable Oils!”

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Introduction to Water-mixable Oils:

  • Explanation of solvent-free painting and an overview of water-mixable, solvent-free oil painting

The Benefits:

  • Advantages of water-mixable oil paints
  • Considerations when choosing the best brand for oneself

Overview of Water-Mixable Oil Painting Mediums:

  • Introduction to oil mediums and their importance in water-mixable oil painting
  • Explanation of various water-mixable oil painting mediums available on the market
  • Demonstration of using the mediums in solvent-free painting

The WMO Rules:

  • Importance of respecting oil painting principles for archival quality
  • Solvent-free painting demonstration

The Dos and Don’ts of WMO:

  • Explanation of the dos and don’ts of water-mixable oil painting

Myths About WMO Debunked:

  • Informative video explaining the truth about water-mixable oil paints
  • Discussion on whether acrylics and WMO mix together
  • Video demonstration and information on how to paint WMO over acrylic

Basic Materials and Equipment Needed:

  • Explanation of substrates for WMO painting and how to prepare them
  • Demonstration on how to make muslin painting panels
  • Introduction to unique tools for painting with solvent-free oil paints
  • Discussion on the best paintbrushes and easels for water-mixable oil painting

Picking Your Paints:

  • Factors to consider when choosing a water-mixable oil brand
  • Helpful article on how to pick the right colors for painting projects
  • A handout explaining the difference between student grade and artist grade paints

Choosing an Artist’s Palette:

  • Discussion on the various types of artist palettes and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Extra blog posts on making an artist’s taboret from an old TV stand

Getting to Know Your Paints:

  • Demonstration of organizing paints using a Split Primary Palette
  • Explanation of the difference between a Split Primary Palette and a Limited Palette

Alla Prima vs Layering Techniques:

  • Comparison between the two types of oil painting methods
  • Explanation of the ‘Fat Over Lean’ technique in water-mixable oil painting
  • Alla prima painting demonstration

Layering/Glazing Demo:

  • Explanation of layering and glazing techniques in oil painting.
  • Demonstration of layering techniques using mixed media mark-making and indirect methods to create depth and luminosity in a painting

Bonus Demo and Valuable Information:

  • Discussion on varnishing options for water-mixable oils
  • Short video of plein air painting in winter conditions using water-mixable oil paints, with tips for painting in freezing temperatures
  • Lesson on how to properly clean paintbrushes, hands, and studio after a painting session


  • Wrap-up of the course and helpful links/resources for further learning and inspiration.

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I hope to see you at Lori’s Fine Art Tips School! 



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