A Facebook Business Page can be a source of frustration for the vast majority of artists and other business owners, and it’s most likely caused by low engagement and a lack of real business leads.

Why is the engagement so low?

The engagement may be low because of the business page’s audience. Facebook prompts business owners to invite friends and family to like your business page and so you do, but is it a good move?

Your friends and family then become your target business audience and you end up spamming their feed with your business posts.

Two more things to keep in mind:

  1. Those people who have liked your page may not even see your recent posts! If these people don’t engage with your post (like or comment), then the algorithm stops showing your content to them.
  2. Facebook organically does not promote your business posts to a wider audience. Therefore, you need to boost your posts to promote to the desired audience.

Why are my business leads so low?

The business leads are so low because Facebook users rarely search for a local businesses and professionals on Facebook.

Man, this is depressing!  Nevertheless, hang in there and keep reading because there are some good news…

So, is it even worth setting up an artist’s Facebook business page?

Yes, it makes you look more reputable on the Facebook platform. It also improves your website’s organic google search ranking. On those rare times when Facebook users search for a professional, you will be the one to pop up in their search results!

An artist’s Facebook business page also proves itself useful if you want to run an ad, or tag and promote your artworks listed in your Facebook shop.

How should I treat my Facebook business?

Your artist’s Facebook business page is a business listing and a storefront platform. Here are 10 Success Actions to make your Facebook Business page magnetic to your clients and customers:

  1. Create and add a great looking banner (you will look super professional).
  2. Add a great looking profile photo.
  3. Add some photos of your previous work.
  4. Post a couple pictures of yourself at work.
  5. Add information about your business (who you are and what services you provide). Remember to add a link to your website, as this is considered a “high quality” link by Google and it will improve your website’s search ranking.
  6. Add Services that you provide (For example: Custom artworks on commission, Illustrations, Murals on commission, Live Painting events, etc.).
  7. Specify your Service area.
  8. Choose the right Template for you by clicking Edit tabs in the tabs menu (I recommend selecting Services template because it displays these tabs: Home, Services, Reviews, and More).
  9. Request a previous client to on post a review or a recommendation your page.
  10. Add products to your shop (this allows you to feature, tag, and sell your art directly on Facebook or link it to your website if you sell your art there).

Should I list my home address as a business location?

Unless you have a gallery or a shop or an Artist’s studio open to the public, don’t list your address. Instead, list your Service Area when you edit your Page info.

Can I ask customers to post reviews to my Artist’s Facebook business page?

Yes! Reviews will encourage your future clients to trust you.

How many “likes” should my Artist’s Facebook business page have?

“Likes” aren’t important in terms of audience reach or engagement perspective. What really matters is your target audience followers, those who really engage with your content. So, if you have 0 likes, please don’t beat yourself up and don’t spend time, money, and energy on getting these likes.

Link your Facebook page to your Instagram account

If you have an Instagram account where you post your business stuff, then it’s smart to link your Facebook Business page to your Instagram account so that you your Instagram posts can be posted to your Facebook Business page, for those posts that you choose.

Should I boost my posts?

If you have an awesome Instagram post that you also have automatically posted to your Facebook page, you may feel like boosting it. If you decide to boost it, it will promote on both Instagram and Facebook. (Yay, finally some good news!!!) This will get you more exposure to your target audience, but only if you specify your target audience and location in the boost settings.

Hope this article has reassured you that you are not the only one feeling frustrated with Facebook. I hope these 10 success action steps get your Facebook page to finally work for you. ❤

Thank you for reading!

Guest artist/author: Tamara Hergert is an award-winning Artist and a founder of the Empowered Artists community. Visit her website to grab her 3 Easy Steps to Improve Your Art Business Revenue.