5 Reasons Why Social Media can Help Boost Your SEO and Increase Traffic

Social media has been being used by successful people since it first came out. The thought of having so many people using these sites can be intimidating, but really social media can make your website thrive.

Even if you only attract a very tiny fraction of the people within social media sites, your site will be successful. So to help you realize why you should be getting yourself into social media as soon as possible, here are 5 reasons.

Quality Content

To be a successful website nowadays, it is a requirement to post quality content. Whether it is on a blog, or just to keep your customers informed about products and services. Either way, that content is then indexed to search engines and you are ranked accordingly. Social media can really help you in this aspect because if your content gets a lot of attention, the rank of that page is going to sky rocket. You will be able to link your content directly to your audience and then they will take a look. Depending on how well the content was made, those people might end up sharing it with their friends and family. So now, not only have you helped your content get more traffic and higher rankings, you provided value to your social media followers. It is a win on all aspects.


As you probably already know, social media lets people follow you to ensure they don’t miss anything that you post. If you have your profile linked directly to your website, and then attract a large amount of followers, they will eventually start going to your website to get more information about what it is you offer. If you are just starting on social media, don’t expect thousands of followers right off the bat, you have to work for them. If you provide them quality content or some type of value, then over time you will see more and more people start liking your content and following your profile.

Sharing Features

This is going to be where you will get the most attention and the most traffic. I’m sure you have heard of something “going viral” . Viral basically just means that a piece of content was posted normally and then shared on a social media outlet. Then after just a little while, more and more people continued to share it, until it has millions and millions of views. While you might not have as much success right away, the point is that once you post quality stuff to social media, the possibilities are endless. You may end up with a multimillion views piece of content, and a fraction of those views will go to your site, helping your overall traffic and SEO efforts.

Follower Interactions

Another great aspect of social media, is that it lets you communicate with your followers without any problems. You can publicly post to them, private message them, send them images, videos, and other media. By interacting with them, you are giving them a connection with your profile and a reason to come back. The more responses you provide your audience, the more they will trust you and your website. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, after all, it’s called social networking for a reason.

Overall Branding

Branding is a big aspect in having people trust you, your website, and anything that you are offering them. Whether you are trying to sell them something or just have them visit the site, the more trust you have, the easier it will be to convert them. Everything that you do on social media will be a part of your brand, so if you act in a professional, reliable, and helpful manner, then the people that are around your profile will relate those quality with your brand. The more you reinforce your image to the public, the more traffic and authority you will get.

These are just 5 reasons why you should consider getting a social media campaign up for your website, but there are plenty more. Just remember, social media requires a lot of time and effort, but in the end, will be completely worth it.

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