My friends at New Wave Fine Art Products, makers of handcrafted artist palettes, have sent me new products to review. Two different shapes of the Grey Pad disposable palettes, and the handy Easy Lift peelable palette.

Handy Artist Palettes by New Wave
Lori holding the Grey Pad handheld model.

Last year, I tested out the New Wave Highland plein air, and Grand View Confidant studio palettes. I am still so impressed with these beautiful, functional palettes and I use them all the time. You can read my review here > Enjoying My Artist Palette by New Wave.
As an art blogger, I am often asked to sample art related products from many companies. I have to say, New Wave Fine Art Products truly live up to their name…their products are fine for sure.
The newest products are the Grey Pads and the Easy Lift peelable palettes. These products were created with the busy artist in mind.

Grey Pads

I was happy to discover that the Grey Pads are not your ordinary disposable paper palettes. These grey colored palettes are designed to enhance color and value gauging while painting! In other words, the grey paper color makes mixing and comparing color and values simple –  plus the grey is easy on the eyes while under bright studio lights or while plein air painting in the sunlight.
The disposable palettes are available in two handy designs.

  1. The Grey Pad rectangular model. This shape is perfect for tabletop mixing.
  2. The Grey Pad handheld model. I really enjoy holding this palette in my hand for easy mixing, value and color comparison while next to my painting. The ergonomically friendly handheld palette has a patent pending design that provides the artist with balance and comfort in the hand.  

Handy Artist Palettes by New Wave

Both of these disposable paper palettes have a generous 11×16 inch mixing area and contain 50 neutral grey sheets of durable paper stock with a special coating to make certain the sheets beneath stay dry. The paper pads really held up to the task when I used my squirt-bottle of water to keep my acrylic and water soluble oil paints fresh!
In addition, the Grey Pads are glued on 3 edges, ensuring that your pages stay fastened while you mix paint. It also ensures your pages do not blow in the wind if painting outdoors! 
But that’s not all!
There is another clever palette added to the New Wave product line. The Easy Lift peelable palette…

Easy Lift

Easy to hold and easy to clean this ‘peelable’ artist palette is ideal for acrylic paints and versatile enough for oils (cleaned with solvents).
That’s right, dried acrylic paints simply peel away! As you can see from the photo below, I tested it out. I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy the 2 day old dried acrylic paint lifted off of the palette! With just a flick of my palette knife, the dried paint was easy to lift! The Easy Lift palette lives up to its name! Plus, the dried acrylic paint is much easier to clean off from the Easy Lift than from my glass-topped palette.

Handy Artist Palettes by New Wave

The Easy Lift also has a patent pending 3-point ergonomic design that evenly distributes the weight among your hand, arm, and torso. To add more comfort, the Easy Lift comes with a flexible silicone thumb ring that is interchangeable for right and left handed painters. At 11″x16″ this palette is easily transportable and extremely lightweight.

If you are looking to minimize your studio mess, clean-up time, or just want to travel lightly, I highly recommend giving the disposable Grey Pad palettes or Easy Lift palette a try. While visiting New Wave Fine Art Products, please be sure to view their beautiful wooden palettes too.  All these products are proudly made in the USA. Please tell them Lori from Fine Art Tips sent ya!

For all you artists from ‘across the pond’, you can find the New Wave palettes exclusively through Rosemary Brushes. Please tell them Lori sent you!


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