Recently, on Instagram I shared the unveiling or ‘un-taping’ of my four little 4×6 oil paintings on watercolor postcards.

I have always loved painting miniatures, especially while en plein air! But, it was really fun doing this small studio series.

All were painted with Cobra water-mixable oils on Strathmore watercolor postcards which I found at my local art store. I often paint on oil paper and love it too, but these postcards are so handy!

But, here’s a word of caution – when painting with oils you MUST GESSO THE WATERCOLOR POSTCARDS! Otherwise with time, the oil paints will eat through the watercolor paper. The gesso will protect the paper.

It’s easy to do. First, use Painter’s Tape and carefully tape the edges of the postcards to a larger rigid surface. I just used a canvas panel. Then, paint on two layers of acrylic gesso to protect the 140lb watercolor postcard paper so they are archival. Once the gesso is dry you can paint with oil paints!

The fun part of the process is peeling off the tape to reveal the little oil painting jewels. I also realized I accidentally painted mine upside down on the postcards, haha. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on mailing them anyway.

It will all make sense after you watch my Instagram Reel at the end of this post…

PS. If you want to film your art or craft projects, you might like this new light I discovered – the Uniqu Light. It’s a simple way to make videos with your cell phone. I was pleased with my first time results!

Check it out here: (BTW, I paid more for mine! :-/ )

I hope you enjoy my Reel and give oil painting on postcards a try!


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