As an artist I am always exploring new ideas from painting techniques, mediums, subject matter and even different ways in which to display artwork.

How To Display Artwork On Paper Without A Frame
Nest l ©2014 LMcNee 9×12

Lately, I have been creating encaustic works on beautiful handmade Japanese paper. These small encaustics are delicate and a traditional frame overwhelms them.
So, I’ve decided to float them off the wall without a frame. Here’s how I did it…
I used 4 duplex nails for each individual piece of art. The duplex nails have double head which prevent them from being driven flush. This leaves about 1/4 reveal that is perfect for floating the paper off the wall.

Then I used 4 Rare Earth Magnets  to float the encaustic paper artwork off the wall.
That’s it! Look how great they looked…and, most of the artwork sold right away! You can see more of my paintings at
encaustic hanging duplex 3

How To Display Artwork On Paper Without A Frame
encaustic works on paper ©2014 LoriMcNee

Let me know if you have any other great ways to display artwork!
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