Although portrait painting is an established tradition, recently there has been a resurgence in its popularity. Art lovers from the UK, US, Australia and Canada want to make a statement about their family for posterity.

Recently, I was interview by the BBC for an article about portrait painting.  The article, “A Painting Worth a Thousand Words” features my children’s portrait that was painted 10 years ago by David Goatley.
Portrait Painting: Worth a Thousand Words

Portrait Painting: A Painting Worth A Thousand Words
The life-size portrait of my children proudly hangs in the great room.

“When a family commissions a portrait they are expressing the love they have for each other,” Goatley said.  “A photograph is a captured fragment of time, a 125th of a second. But a painted portrait expresses the person in their totality.”
To learn more about portrait painting, read more of this interesting article here > “A Painting Worth a Thousand Words.”
Portrait Painting: A Painting Worth a Thousand Words
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