Acrylic painting is a popular choice for artists of all levels because it is fast drying, water-soluble, and easy to clean up. However, some artists find landscape painting with acrylic paints a bit of a challenge.

For artist John D. Cogan, acrylic painting helps him capture the landscapes and wildlife of the American West. Balanced with the knowledge of a scientist and the eye of a plein air painter, John focuses on color and the effects of light on his subject. After many years of acrylic painting, John has developed his own signature style which has won him many awards.

Below, John methodically breaks down his advanced painting techniques into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstration.

This demo is a little sneak preview from my upcoming North Light Book, Fine Art Tips, Painting Techniques and Professional Advice with Lori McNee where John and 25 acclaimed artists will be sharing their inside painting tips!

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THE GARDEN OF ZION John D Cogan 600px
“The Garden of Zion” by John D. Cogan, 18×24 acrylic on canvas

I hope you give this demo a try. Let me know what you think! ~Lori

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