Last night I got the call I’ve been hoping for from the general manager of Plum TV.  With less than 24 hours notice, JR and Ali from the talented Plum TV production crew arrived at my front door to begin filming, “A Day in the Life of Lori McNee Artist”.  Thank goodness I overhauled and cleaned my studio this past weekend!


Plum TV is the first and only 24-hour lifestyle network that targets the most active, influential, and educated audience in the world. With hundreds of hours of original content from the favorite destinations of this hard-to-reach demographic – Sun Valley, Aspen, Nantucket, The Hamptons, Miami Beach and more.
My presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has made this opportunity happen – this is an example of why I am such a big believer in learning how to harness the power of Social Media!  In addition, I will also be blogging for the Plum TV website now!
We began filming in my studio where I spoke about art, blogging and my passion for Social Media. Then we moved into the field and they filmed me as I painted a quick plein air painting demonstration alongside the Big Wood River – but the wild animals stole the show! A moose crossed our path then traversed the Big Wood River right in front of us. On our way back to our cars, a family of foxes played in front of us. What a great day.


(here is the 12×12 quick field study I did while on camera – it is not completed)

Plum TV will begin to air this video on their station and blog beginning this Memorial weekend. Plum will kindly share the video with me so I can post it on Fine Art Tips as soon as they send it to me.
 Happy painting, Lori
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