Art Marketing Conversation with Lori McNee & Barney DaveyOne of the benefits of blogging and using Social Media for my art business is the networking opportunity I have with other artists. I have met many talented and intellegent creatives, such is the case with art blogger, Barney Davey.

I approached Barney and asked him to swap guest articles with me. Barney cleverly suggested doing a series of collaborative conversational style articles instead.  For our first installment, we narrowed down our choices and decided to keep to a single art marketing topic. The subject we chose is one of the most heated topics among artists today…

Should artists work on getting into galleries, seek to build their own direct-to-collector distribution, or do both?

To read our response to the above question, don’t miss  The Visual Artist’s Challenge: Should I Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors Collectors or Both?
Let me know what YOU think. ~Lori
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