Blazing a trail through the fast moving flow of the new social media frontier can be daunting…

To help you on your social media journey, I sent out a ‘tweet’ to some of the most respected, biggest, brightest and rising stars in social media. This is what I asked, “Plz will u share ur best twitter or socmed tip n 140 characters 4 an upcoming twitter all star post. add a link if u want & i’ll link 2 u!”

  • The response has been unbelievable! Social media is all about sharing information, and these stars really ‘PRACTICE WHAT THEY TWEET!”
  • Below, in the order that I received them, you will find their top social media tips within ‘140 characters or less.’
  • Be sure and check out their links, websites.
  • These stars are on my MUST FOLLOW list and I encourage you to follow them on Twitter.

AskAaronLee Listen. listen, listen and engage engage engage. You can’t go wrong with that. ” how is that? 🙂

  • Name: Aaron Lee
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Web: http://AskAaronLe…
  • Bio: An average Joe but with an extra-large social media addiction, Competitive by Nature, Positive Minded, Full Time Marketing Student, Part time Internet Marketer

TheTop10Blog Get stuck in! Be yourself! Interact & engage! Make connections & value them! Be patient! Read & learn! Don’t be shy!

  • Name: Tony Hastings
  • Location: UK
  • Web: http://www.thetop…
  • Bio: Top 10’s and more. I find great Twitter people and ask them to share their favourites with you.

paul_steele Be positive, considerate of others, share kindly and be grateful. Listen, learn and give.

  • Name: paul steele
  • Location: UK
  • Web: http://www.baldhi…
  • Bio: Often found on mountain or hill enjoying the outdoors or a challenge. Interested in and will share photography, art, design,and humor. Will follow back.

Iconic88 “Twitter Success = Sharing, Caring, Retweeting, Being Yourself, Being Positive” by @Iconic88

  • Name: Iconicc88
  • Location: Sydney, Tonga, New Zealand
  • Web:…
  • Bio: Unofficial Chief Happiness Officer of Twitter, Friend, Ideas Evangelist, Relationships Engineer & Foodie. Inspiring YOU through Social Media & Business.

 TweetSmarter Put a “.” in front of the username when thanking someone for their help on Twitter so all see it

  • Name: TweetSmarter
  • Location: Twin Cities, MN
  • Web:…
  • Bio: Whether you need tips and tools, the latest Twitter news or tech support, we’re here to help anyone and everyone get the most out of Twitter

SuuperG Stay open to the possibilities in social media. My best connections and opportunities have come from left field…and I’m enjoying the ride!

  • Name: Gina Stark
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Web: http://gitanablog…
  • Bio: I could give up Twitter,but I’m not a quitter! ♥ travel dance hiking food causes friends photography+. Freelance blogger.Caution:I make up words! I follow back

 mistygirlph 1. Know your audience 2. Engage with them 3. Be yourself – social media is not just having a FaceBook Account

  • Name: Misty Belardo
  • Location: Manila, Philippines
  • Web: http://www.mysket…
  • Bio: graphics/avatar design, blogger, events, loves music, food, art, self expression. writer for /, social media

2cre8 Success on Twitter = A 2-way street of sharing • bringing value • being genuine, engaging & relevant • being positive, supportive & kind

  • Name: Kathy Meyer
  • Location: NJ (Previous NYC and HI)
  • Web: http://2cre8produ…
  • Bio: eMarketing trends & technology enthusiast. Believes in balance. Simplicity in form + function. Mompreneur. Foodie. Design. Art. Music. ♥ iPhone. MAC/PC. Coffee!

 CharityIdeas Like Beth @Kanter says: Be a sponge, not a fortress- embrace change ►Networked #Nonprofits & Free Agents

  • Name: Amy Neumann charity
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Web: http://amyneumann…
  • Bio: Positively passionate 4: #charity, social media, #careers, interesting people, China, new ideas. Eternal Optimist! *good + tech = great* 🙂 #monsterww

LoriMoreno Meet people with same interests. For me it’s been amazing because of many interests Art Culture Travel Food Parties Events Love & LOL Enjoy!

  • Name: LoriMoreno
  • Location: #Arizona #California #Chicago
  • Web: http://LoriMoreno…
  • Bio: Attorney Escaped Corp World *•.♥LOVE♥.•* Life World Travel ✈ w Mac iPad iPhone Entrepreneur Parties Culture Dance Health LifeStyle ♥ Success Connector Geek Muse

arkarthick If you care to share, you are the Twitter star.

  • Name: A.R.Karthick
  • Location: Tamil Nadu, India
  • Web: http://arkarthick…
  • Bio: Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photography/Designing/Social Media – Enthusiast. Humorous, Creative & Positive Thinker. Love to be Friend & Gain/Share Anything Awesome!

HowellMarketing #SM tip: if you don’t like people, social media may not work for your business: SM is about building relationships

  • Name: Amy D. Howell
  • Location: Memphis, TN
  • Web: http://howell-mar…
  • Bio: TN Social Media, Howell Marketing Strategies CEO: PR, Marketing, Social Media. Co-Founder, Memphis Social Media Club; Wife, Mom; TN River Rat, Grateful

JohnAguiar To Have Long Term Success With Twitter & ALL Social Media…You have to Be There – Be Seen – Be Helpful & Be Real.

  • Name: John Paul Aguiar
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Web: http://JohnPaulAg…
  • Bio: I’m a Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur, Social Media Believer – Kidney Transplant Rec – Scuba Diver, DD Coffee Fanatic – Hustle To Succeed!

 Sung_H_Lee Do not focus on growing the number of your followers. Spend your time building relationship with your followers. It’s quality, not quantity.

  • Name: Sung Lee
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Web: http://radiokorea…
  • Bio: Director of Business Development and New Media at Radio Korea Media Group

 douglasi The key to Twitter success is to “tweet others the way you’d like to be tweeted

  • Name: Douglas Idugboe
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Web: http://www.smedio…
  • Bio: New Media and Social Web Evangelist, Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who Loves Technology.

 jeffbullas “Think Like A Publisher” as one of the 12 principles of Social Media Mktg

  • Name: Jeff Bullas
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Web: http://jeffbullas…
  • Bio: Internet Digital Marketing, including Blogging, Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SEO, Twitter

GlenGilmore Use hashtags & twitpics to share ur #Art, #Foursquare to promote ur gallery or show. Blog to tell the story of ur #Art. Connect & Engage.

  • Name: Social Media & Law
  • Location: New Jersey ~ NJ ✈ Memphis
  • Web: http://GilmoreBus…
  • Bio: TIME man of action @SocMediaAndLaw @NERRTC Texas A&M Adjunct ~ Soc Media Advisor ~

 BuzzEdition Social media should be about the relationships & connections we create… not an RSS feed. Engage, Enlighten and Encourage.

  • Name: Susan Elaine Cooper
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Web: http://buzzeditio…
  • Bio: Hi I’m Susan from NC, Social Media Enthusiast & Strategist. I create social media campaigns to help build awareness. ♥ Music, Movies & More!

 JessicaNorthey Define your goals so you can manage your own Social Media expectations! Written goals drive success!

  • Name: Jessica Northey
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona
  • Web: http://fingercand…
  • Bio: Blogger/Writer, Creator, Promotions, Branding, PR, New & Social Media Mastermind who ❤’s God, Family, Sissy, Country Music, Radio, Friends & Being of Service!
 xanpearson Instead of follower count, focus on who YOU follow, sharing great content, engagement + building relationships. “Build it + they will come.”
  • Name: Xan Pearson
  • Location: Chicago
  • Web: http://xanpearson…
  • Bio: Sports sponsorship mktng exec. Soc. Media strategist. Travel/Reading/Foodie/Wino. Genuine peeps. Laugh every day. Promoting Optimism & Charity. No Spam Plz! 🙂

 2morrowknight Twitter is not just a website, but an amazing experience. The 140 character limit allows for some great moments.

  • Name: 2morrowKnight
  • Location: Tacoma/Seattle
  • Web: http://2morrowkni…
  • Bio: Co-Creator of the #TwitterPowerhouses Series, and #TwitterCharityFacts. Blogger for @Huffingtonpost and @op_editorial, Marketing Strategist, Master Surfer!☮♥

 AnnTran_ ღ Share, care, inspire, RT, be kind and positive. Tweetup to meetup.

  • Name: Ann Tran
  • Locat:ion: Washington, D.C.
  • Web:
  • Bio: ♥ Happily Married ♥ Spiritual Seeker. Enjoys Travel, Beaches, Wine, Hiking and Photographing Nature.

 lovepeaceunity Be unique, find your style, spread smiles, have fun, be positive, share, interact & always tweet others the way YOU wish to be tweeted! ♡☺

  • Name: Matthew∞Fry
  • Location: Bristol, UK
  • Web: http://pixelsforp…
  • Bio: Positive Change Agent. Social Activist. Lightbearer. Eternal Optimist. Adventurer! Life=celebration (ˆ◡ˆ) Live w/ L♥VE. Going for it. No matter what.. Namaste ☮

 MySOdotCom Pay attention to what’s going on & new, you can find great content & new friends using
…and Kevin has two more tweets to share:
♫ Whistle while you work ♫ Smile as you tweet 🙂 … ♫ If your not having fun neither will your audience
Being Thankful is not a thought it’s an action, be proactive in your engagement

  • Name: Kevin Green
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Web: http://www.facebo…
  • Bio: Author, Speaker, Traveler. Helping with Twitter, Tech & Social Media Tips with a few #quotes thrown in. ღ Thanks for adding me to your Twitter lists ღ

…and keeping true to form, @2morroknight has a bit more he wants to share:
Here are 2 great Twitter Tips I would recommend to any new user (or a user trying to find their footing):
(1) Creativity: Figure out the tweeting style that fits you best. Perhaps you like positive icons in your tweets like @LovePeaceUnity and @AnnTran_. Perhaps you value a brilliantly conversational feed like @MomsofAmerica and @UnMarketing or a largely informational feed like @Zaibatsu and @Shilpiiz. There are so many styles. Don’t be afraid to choose the one that suits you best. And better yet, maybe even create a style that has yet to be tried. You can do it.
(2) Participation: This is so very important. I tell everyone that I am from the “School of @AskAaronLee and @earthxplorer” because they both preach the benefits of not just positing, but “participating”. I agree with them. This means saying hello, thank you, etc. When you do this, you are honoring the roots of social media. Sites like Twitter were created so people could share and learn from each other. It’s hard to get that experience when you don’t participate at all. ~2K



Tonight is Thanksgiving, and after a week of gathering tweets from some of social media’s favorite stars, it seems fitting to end this article with a sencere and heartfelt, ‘thank you’ and a BIG Twitter #grouphug to you all >>>(((((Aaron, Tony, Paul, Iconic88, Tweetsmarter, Gina, Misty, Kathy, Amy, Lori, A.R, Amy, John, Sung, Douglas, Glen, Jeff, Susan, Jessica, Xan, 2K, Ann, Matthew, Kevin))))) ~Lori

PS. There are thousands of other great people on Twitter, Facebook and the other social media sites. Finding and making new friends that interest and benefit you is half the fun of it! I hope to meet you on Twitter, @lorimcneeartist


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