Twitter is a treasure trove filled with a bounty of knowledge from any niche including art – you just need to know where to find it and start digging!

I sent out a ‘tweet’  to some of the most respected art business stars on Twitter. This is what I asked, “will u share an art biz tip in 140 characters 4 an upcoming twitter art star post. u can add a link if u want & i’ll link 2 u”

  • I got a great response from the art business pros on Twitter, and more keep coming in…(so stay tuned!)
  • Below, in the order that I received them, you will find their top business tips within ‘140 characters or less’ for any creative person.
  • Be sure and check out their links, websites and consider following them on Twitter. Like I said above, there is a treasure trove of information to be discovered…enjoy.

Top Art Business Tips from the Pros on Twitter:
@ArtMktgMentor Art Mktg = series conversation btw you + your art + your audience. Purpose = credibility, visibility, desirability.

  • Name: Aletta de Wal
  • Location: Northern California
  • Web: http://www.artist…
  • Bio: TeleClasses, on-line programs, personal coaching for emerging, mid-career, established artists to master art marketing to build better art business and life.

@clintavo 1. Make Remarkable Art 2. Have Conversations with Fans 3. Send email newsletters 4. Repeat

  • Name: Clint Watson
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Web:
  • Bio Former art gallery owner, Software Craftsman and Art Fanatic – web apps and marketing ideas for artists

@AnnieStrack Always write your estimates! If u tell your clients your price range, they will only hear largest sizes & smallest prices.

  • Name: Annie Strack art
  • Location: Louisiana & Philadelphia
  • Web: http://www.AnnieS…
  • Bio: Professional Maritime Artist, Writer for Art Calendar Magazine, Artist Workshops Instructor, Official Authorized USCG Artist, Author and Art Business Consultant

@art2dot0 TIP Complete your product portofolio with fine art giclee prints It will drive new revenue streams and increase circulation of your artwork.

  • Name: Jean-Gérard Anfossi
  • Location: France
  • Web:
  • Bio: Manager of and And author of the blog – Art 2.0, art marketing & reproductions.

@ArtistTaraReed Use the same avatar online – soc media, website, etc – consistency = brand recognition

  • Name: Tara Reed
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Web: http://www.artlic…
  • Bio: Licensed Artist, Coach, Speaker, Author, Illustrator

@mariabrophy A successful art business is where you are bringing in more money than you are sending out. Profit = Income – Expenses. Simple, but vital.
  • Name: Maria Brophy
  • Location: Southern California USA
  • Web:  http://mariabroph…
  • Bio: Blogger, Manager of Artist Drew Brophy, Art marketing Queen & Artist Consultant, World Traveler and practicing yogi.

@Abstanfield Don’t wait to be discovered. Be proactive. Take action every day.

  • Name: Alyson B. Stanfield
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Web: http://www.artbiz…
  • Bio: Delivering astonishing art careers since 2002. Author of I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

@ArtsyShark Use existing customer base to drive business~solicit testimonials, ask for referrals, follow up, give excellent service

  • Name: Carolyn Edlund
  • Location; Maryland, USA
  • Web: http://www.artsys…
  • Bio: Blogger and author of ArtsyShark – a site for emerging artists.

@artmarketplan For social media & art websites fill out fully the profile section with profile image & always have an active link to your business website

  • Name: John Math of artmarketingstrategy
  • Location: Jupiter, FL
  • Web: http://www.artmar…
  • Bio: Helping Artists to Successfully Market Themselves & Their Artwork

@SianLindemann The MOST important things for your art career ~ Know your WHY ~ Care for your talent ~ #siandesign

  • Name: SianLindemann
  • Location: The World
  • Web: http://SianDesign…
  • Bio: Sian Lindemann is an award winning artist and designer…and with 30 years in Artist Management, she has discovered artists and has made their artwork known.

@craftedweb Building a website for your artwork is only the beginning. Don’t wait for your site to work, make it work-

  • Name: Nicolette Tallmadge
  • Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Web: http://www.crafte…
  • Bio: I’m a handmade jeweler and run a blog about internet marketing for artists and crafters

@Loriwords Magnificent artwork translates into less time spent on marketing it.

@barneydavey SEO tips: Use keywords in the title of your website pages, put the most important keywords at the start of the title.

  • Name: Barney Davey
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Web: http://www.artpri…
  • Bio: Art marketing mind plays well with visual artists, photographer, designer, gallery and creative arts business types. Entrepreneur blogger digging social media.

…and I guess I will throw my hat in the ring!

@lorimcneeartist “Social Media is the quickest way to build brand recognition for you and your business.”

  • Name: Lori McNee
  • Location: central mountains, idaho
  • Web: http://FineArtTip…
  • Bio: artist/blogger,#arttip, social media, poetic painter,quote junkie, novice photog, friend to birds & animals, busy mom living a healthy mountain life!


Thanks to all my Twitter friends who shared their art business knowledge with my readers and me! I really appreciate it. More interesting Twitter and Facebook inspired posts will be coming your way soon… ~Lori

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