The business of art doesn’t need to be complicated.

A while back, I wrote about the difference between left and right brain and as artists, that more creative right side is usually working in overdrive. While that right side is what ultimately fuels our creativity, it’s the left side that often needs a helping hand.
Artists are passionate about creating, and we would prefer to be in the studio doing what we love. Nevertheless, as working artists the reality is that the business side of art is something we can’t overlook if we want to have successful careers.

I’ve talked in the past about various tools that help simplify the business of art and wanted to do an update on one of my favorite resources that recently released a new version that I think goes even further to helping drive success for artists…not to mention simplifying our lives.

“An organized artist is an empowered artist!” 

I’ve written about Artwork Archive in the past and how this amazing online tool for the modern day artist. Artwork Archive tracks all things important including inventory and contact organization, however, their new version takes things even further! While they still make the business of art easy to track all of my art inventory, clients, gallery contacts, competitions and other aspects of my art career, they have added some additional features that make the tool even more powerful:

The Business of Art Made Easy


  • Public profile page – By default, all your information is private, but one of the coolest features recently added is the ability to click a button and share your work with the world. This can be done for individual pieces or your entire portfolio and acts as a compliment to your existing site or marketing efforts.  Many artists are even using it as their primary site, but I still like the control and customization of running my own.
  • Zero Commission – Several of their members have linked to it on their artist website. That way you can showcase new art on your website and point potential buyers to your Public Profile Page to see all of your available work. Buyers can contact you via Artwork Archive and they take zero commission from any sales made!
  • Simple backups – Though Artwork Archive is cloud based (actually running on the same servers as Amazon) and does daily backups for all their customers, some of us like the peace of mind that comes with being able to download that information at any time.  They have made this process incredibly simple and with a few clicks I can grab a local copy in multiple formats.
  • Mobile friendly – While they don’t have a dedicated app, the new version is fully “responsive” and works really well on any device and screen size. That way you can access details and images of your artwork for collectors whenever, wherever.
  • Going global – Those outside the US will be happy to hear the latest version added support for multiple currencies and the measurements.
  • File storage – Storing scans of signed consignment agreements and invoices will help you keep track of important art business documents. You can also further build a piece’s provenance records by storing publication features and award certificates with your art. Then you can provide them to interested gallerists, curators, and collectors.

The Business of Art Made Easy

This new version makes it a lot easier to be come off like a true professional and gives that left-side of the brain a helping hand. And that of course makes it easier to put organization to the chaos many of us have built up over the years.
Now is the time to get organized. Check it out here, I’m sure you’ll be impressed!
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