Since 1887, Sennelier has been highly regarded for its fine pigments and paints. It all started in Paris, when Gustave Sennelier, opened the Maison Sennelier in front of the Louvre. Artists soon began to consider his palette as the ultimate standard of quality.

So, when Sennelier asked to interview me for their website, I jumped at the chance to share my story with this highly respected French paint company…(plus I love France!)…and I thought you all might like to get to know me a little bit better too…

Sennelier Artist’s Portraits: Lori McNee:

How did painting become a passion for you?
Being a native of California and raised in the southwest, I cultivated my interest in art and wildlife during my childhood. Each summer, my family and I would take wonderful road trips to explore the beauty of the mountains, deserts and beaches. I would enjoy meeting the Native American Indians and learning about their arts, vanishing traditions and respect for nature.
I have always been fascinated with birds. As a young girl, I would save injured birds and nurse them back to health. Sometimes, I would try to catch the birds that flocked to our yard. Finally, I decided to capture the birds on paper with a pencil. I have been drawing and painting birds and nature ever since! In fact, today you can see birds in most of my still life paintings.
What is your educational course and professional experience?
Although I majored in Art is college, I still consider myself self-taught. I learned how to draw very well from my high school teacher, but in college, the curriculum was geared toward abstract art. As an aspiring realistic painter, I felt very frustrated with this and almost abandoned art as a career.

It wasn’t until I was married with children that I decided to try my hand at art again. I started painting during their naptimes and in between loads of laundry. My art gave me back a piece of myself that was lost. ~Lori

From then, I went on to apprentice with Master artists, Robert Bateman, John Seerey-Lester, Carl Brenders, Guy Coheleach, Scott Christensen and Jo Anna Arnett to name a few. During this time I illustrated for Ducks Unlimited, The Nature Conservancy, The Wolf Education Research Center, various duck and trout stamps and a few books.
Once my children were all in school, I pursued a professional art career. am now a well respected artist and member of Oil Painters of America. My paintings have been featured in many National exhibitions, museums and publications throughout the United States.
Besides painting, I am also a… click here for the rest of Lori’s interview.



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